Cereal Dryers

LAW Cereal Dryers are designed for drying maize, rice, wheat, barley, oats, soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, oilseed rape,... Read More

Storage Silos

Galvanised sheet steel metal storage silos are the best storage solution due to their high performance... Read More


The conveyors are suitable for the transport of grains, seeds, flours, powdered and granulated products in general. Read more

Rice Husks

The product range includes all equipment and technologies for processing rice husks. Read more

Moisture and Protein meters

Moisture meters are practical and reliable testing instruments, essential for all agricultural producers, drying centres, food processing plants and others.


Ucanorte XXI

Ucanorte XXI - União Agrícola do Norte U.C.R.L., based in Maia, is distinguished by its cooperative nature and... Read more


Novarroz is a Portuguese family company, founded in 1979. Novarroz is currently one of the main producers of... Read more


Reagro was born in 1977, as a result of two Portuguese families' investment in the agro-livestock sector. The experience and... Read more


With more than 30 years of experience and know-how Agromais is distinguished as the largest producer organisation... Read more


Ventisec carried out the Corn Cleaning and Drying Installation at Plusalfundão. Project Performed: ➡️ Capacity of... Read More


Being one of the biggest companies in the district of Leiria, Racentro is simultaneously recognised at a national level... Read more

José Jordão

Ventisec carried out the Installation of Recirculation Drying Processing, Venticône Silo for storage and cleaning of... Read More


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