About Us

Everything we do is with the conviction that we are creating value for our customers' products. We believe that good service makes all the difference. We use the best and most efficient agro-industrial equipment technologies.

All our activity is based on the representation, projection, manufacture, installation and assistance of agro-industrial equipment.


Responsibility towards our duties, colleagues, clients and the company, so as to make a positive contribution to the community in which we operate and to society in general.

Honest and trustworthy, meeting obligations and operating to the highest standards of integrity.

Challenge what seems wrong, whatever the problem or circumstances.

Seek advice and suggestions from others when in doubt.

To consistently deliver excellent work, we say what we do and do what we say. Deliver superior and distinctive value to our clients.

High performance, organisation and effort in wanting to learn and knowing how to listen.

To strive and excel every day with dedication and humility to improve knowledge, skills and personal and company development.

Helping colleagues to grow, develop and thrive, to enhance potential, inspire and support each other to excel, while sharing successes and learning from mistakes.

Constructive and committed to collaboration with the whole team and partners.

Team spirit, focus and determination to respect commitments to the team, customers and the company.

Work responsibility, taking the initiative, innovating, taking intelligent risks and never settling for second best.

Boldness with humility, to act quickly and seize opportunities or adjust to new demands.

Profitability of the business to be able to invest in new equipment and work tools, to distribute to the employees who contribute to the development of the company and economic and social sustainability for the future.

Gratitude, giving back and collaborating with colleagues, company and customers.

Our mission is to develop agro-industrial projects, with the aim of satisfying and creating value for our customers through the best and most efficient technologies, equipment and services at competitive prices.


Sale of agro-industrial equipment

+60 installations in Portugal, Angola, Guinea and Brazil.


Operational training

Team composed of members specialised in each area of action.

Our vision is committed to delivering superior and distinctive value to our customers and being the first choice for grain processing solutions.


More than 30 years of accumulated experience have allowed us to gain the recognition of all our clients, from farmers, cooperatives, producer organisations and agro-industries.


Consultancy in post-harvest cereal technology

We believe it is important to clearly understand each client's objectives and to assess their immediate and future expansion needs, to enable accurate projection and realistic budgeting with a return on investment assessment.


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