Grain counter

The Grain Counter is the ideal equipment for the determination of the MPG (thousand grain weight) in the preparation of samples for germination tests.

  • Adapted to any grain size from 0.3 to 15 mm
  • High counting speed
  • Counting needs
  • Easy to use
  • Silent operation
  • Adjustable size and speed
  • Low operating noise
  • For the rationalisation of large sample quantities we recommend the Contafill filling station, with carousel for bags and bottles (option)
  • The Counter automatically selects the counting speed depending on the size of the material to be counted. This ensures the best possible use of the counting capacity and reduces the counting time to a minimum counting accuracy
  • Shortly before the count is complete the Counterspeed is reduced so that the count does not have more seeds than programmed
  • Counting speed can also be manually adjusted
  • The instrument can recognise when the container is absent, stops counting and indicates on the display, so that no operational failure occurs
  • Particles that are significantly smaller in size are not counted. So, for example, rape seeds contained in a pea sample, fall into the container without being counted
  • By manually adjusting the seed size, you can control the particle count
  • The display shows in automatic mode the quantity present and the count up to now
  • In manual mode also shows the selected counting speed and seed size
  • The keypad is used to select various operating modes, such as summation counting and differential counting


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