Sample Cleaner Flat Screen

The Crivo Plano Sample Cleaners are equipment for laboratories and grain reception centres, allowing the identification of sample quality, greater precision in the control of impurities and greater rigour in moisture control before analysis.

The laboratory seed cleaners can not only simulate the work of large-scale machines in terms of functionality and product output quality, but can also be used for direct adjustments on large-scale machines (sieve punching, size grading, etc.).



  • They are very versatile and can be used on a wide range of products from rice, maize, barley, wheat, sunflower, soya, pulses, etc.
  • Sample selection gives an accurate assessment of the batch total
  • Selection on the basis of the sample makes it possible to accept quality grain or, alternatively, to reject grain that does not meet specific entry standards
  • The cleaning time depends on the type of product to be treated and the desired degree of cleanliness
  • The sample quantity is approximately 1 kg
  • Automatic cleaning - maintenance free
  • Quick sieve changing system
  • No vibrations



  • MLN - is equipped with suction and straw and impurities sieves
  • SLN 3 - has an additional classification sieve with ball cleaning system
  • SLN 4 - has two additional classifying screens with ball cleaning system


Sample Cleaner Flat Screen


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