Sample Cleaner Rotating Screen

The Grain Cleaner Rotating Screen Sampler is the ideal tool for the automatic determination of grain impurities and essential for modern laboratories, reception centres and agro-industries, allowing the identification of sample quality, greater precision in the control of impurities and greater accuracy in moisture control before analysis.

The innovative system consists of the complete automation of the cleaning process. The operator simply places the sample into the loading hopper and after a few seconds the Grain Cleaner accurately determines the actual percentage of impurities. The values are shown on the display and on the print ticket.

Weighing in the inlet hopper, cleaning in the rotating screen, electronic air flow management for removing light impurities and final weighing of the cleaned product make the Grain Cleaner highly reliable.

The laboratory cleaners can not only simulate the work of large-scale machines in terms of functionality and product output quality, but can also be used for fine adjustments on large-scale machines (screen perforations, size sorters, etc.).



  • Fully automatic operation without operator intervention
  • They are very versatile and can be used on a wide range of products from rice, maize, barley, wheat, sunflower, soya, pulses, etc.
  • Sample selection gives an accurate assessment of the batch total
  • Selection on the basis of the sample makes it possible to accept quality grain or, alternatively, to reject grain that does not meet specific entry standards
  • The cleaning time depends on the type of product to be treated and the desired degree of cleanliness
  • Rotating screen with automatic self-cleaning system
  • Each component is easily accessible, with quick and easy replacement of the rotating screen
  • Quiet, vibration-free and maintenance-free
  • The sample quantity is approximately 1 kg

Sample Cleaner Rotating Screen


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