Continuous Dryer Economisers

Energy Saving Continuous Dryers provide significant fuel reduction in grain drying. In the LAW dryer a part of the output thermal energy is recovered back into the drying process, leading to fuel savings of up to 20%.

 The LAW Economizer dryer is composed of:

  • A wet grain buffer zone
  • A superior drying zone
  • A buffer zone separating the two drying zones
  • A lower drying zone
  • A cooling zone

Reasons for choosing a LAW energy-saving dryer

Energy saving:

  • The drying column is composed of a number of compartments corresponding to the chosen evaporation flow
  • The lower part of this column has multi-purpose compartments, which can be used either as drying or cooling compartments
  • The air displacement in the dryer is ensured by two ventilation groups
  • The first ventilation group, located at ground level, allows for the recycling of insufficiently saturated air at the end of drying, as well as cooling air
  • The second ventilation group is located in the upper part of the humid air box and allows the extraction of saturated air
  • Pneumatic valve systems allow the air flow through the grain to be regulated
  • Medium pressure axial fans (air flow rate higher than centrifugal fan for the same electrical power)
  • All fans are equipped with anti-dust cleaning filters
  • Two temperature heating system depending on the height of the drying column
  • The supply columns for the hot air and used air (recycling) are insulated with 50 mm thick glass wool
  • High temperature air circuit insulation by double jacketed wall


  • Safe interior access to the heated air and used air (recycling) column by ladder in all 3 compartments
  • Secure external access by stairway with intermediate resting platform and roof access platform
  • Operating safety thanks to a tried and tested drive
  • Air circuit safety: recycled air is injected into the hot air outside the combustion circuit
  • Combustion safety with a pulsed, non-radiant air burner


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