Recirculation Dryers

The Recirculation Dryers are recommended for low outputs or when it is necessary to dry different lots of cereal separately and it is especially indicated for drying rice that needs longer cycles.


  • 1 drying column comprising:
    • 2 to 10 drying compartments (depending on model and chosen evaporation flow rate)
    • 1 to 5 compartments are used for cooling (depending on the model and the type of grain to be dried)
  • 1 saturated air evacuation column
  • 1 supply column for the hot air, insulated with double wall glass-wool filled
  • 1 saturated air extraction fan with horizontal outlet
  • 1 ceiling
  • 1 2-stage burner, with modulating pulsed air-type gas ramp
  • 1 pneumatic grain extraction device, powered by a compressor
  • 1 standard control cabinet comprising:
    • 1 PLC for command and control of ventilation, burner, pneumatic extractor, hot air safety, grain safety, grain level, conveyor control, automatic filling of recirculation, drying, cooling and unloading cycles
    • 1 digital display to control and visualise the dryer with storage of the different alarm parameters.
    • 1 output for printing


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