Conical Bottom Silos

Conical Bottom Silos with storage capacity for bulk products

The metal silos with conical bottom are designed for the storage of dry grains and industrial products, as well as products that require storage under special conditions, such as wet cereals (mainly rice and corn) when included in a pre-drying system.

The conical bottom, inclined at 45º or 60º and with the outlet mouth away from the ground, separates the stored mass from contact with the ground and humidity, optimises the outlet of products which, due to their density or humidity, have worse fluidity, and allows interconnection between silos and perfect discharge by gravity. Capacities range from 10 to 2,500 tonnes per silo (p.s. 0.75 t/m3), up to 12 metres in diameter and 36 metres high.


  • Roof manufactured in smooth galvanised steel sheet with properly shaped polygonal sections, with profiled edges acting as beams, providing great strength and watertightness
  • 30º inclination
  • They contain vents to evaporate moisture that accumulates through condensation
  • Protective handrail



  • Cylinder made of corrugated galvanised sheet steel, Z600 zinc coated (600 grams zinc/m² - 42 μm, according to standard UNE-EN-10346:2009) or optional pre-lacquered sheet
  • Reinforced with galvanised rolled profiles, located on the outside
  • The whole structure is joined together using zinc-plated screws, nuts and washers, neoprene washers and gaskets to prevent the entry of moisture and ensure perfect sealing


Conical base

  • Conical base made of smooth galvanised steel sheet with suitably shaped polygonal sections
  • Reinforced coupling between the conical base and the cylinder
  • 45º or 60º inclination



  • The cylinder is supported on a structure of galvanised laminated profiles (reinforced structural body) in order to absorb the force produced by the vertical loads.


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