Flat Bottom Silos

The metallic Flat Bottom Silos have a storage capacity between 10 to 20,000 tons per silo (p.s. 0.75 t/m3), up to 32 meters in diameter and 37 meters high.


  • Roof manufactured in smooth galvanised steel sheet with properly shaped polygonal sections, with profiled edges acting as beams, providing great strength and watertightness
  • 30º inclination
  • They contain vents to evaporate moisture that accumulates through condensation
  • Protective handrail



  • Cylinder made of corrugated galvanised sheet steel, Z600 zinc coated (600 grams zinc/m² - 42 μm, according to standard UNE-EN-10346:2009) or optional pre-lacquered sheet
  • Reinforced with galvanised laminated profiles, located on the outside, in order to absorb the force produced by vertical loads
  • The whole structure is joined together using zinc-plated screws, nuts and washers, neoprene washers and gaskets to prevent the entry of moisture and ensure perfect sealing


 Ventilation and Discharge

  • There are various ventilation and unloading systems according to the type of product to be stored, the size of the silo and the characteristics of the base, which will be evaluated according to each project and the needs of each client.


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