Specifications and Advantages

MAROT is recognised worldwide for the design and development of rotary cleaners.

The recognition of the MAROT cleaner is due to the quality of the equipment, flexibility for various types of grain, complete range of products, environmental compatibility and worldwide experience in grain cleaning. The MAROT cleaner is a universal and multipurpose 5-in-1 equipment, working in different modes according to the desired operation:

  • Pre-cleaning using suction only - Quick intake - Model A and Model BD
  • High speed pre-cleaning using suction and all sieves - Standard reception, wet grain - Model PN
  • Quality cleaning of the finished product, using suction and a screen in separation - Current cleaning - Model EAC
  • Grading and polishing to achieve the highest quality using suction and two sieves - Fine cleaning - Model EAC
  • Precision sizing using all sieves in separation - Sizingof malting barley, coffee, etc. - Model C

Main advantages of MAROT rotary screen:

  • Precision - With continuous movement and absence of vibrations each grain or particle enters a hole more easily. On a flat sieve the vibrations of the grid cause the grains to bounce and enter the drill less easily. The rotating sieve is preferably used for applications requiring a precise sizing
  • Reduced vibrations - Due to the absence of vibrations, dynamic stresses are non-existent and the rotating screen can be installed on any existing platform. A flat screen always needs a reinforced frame
  • Efficiency of selection - The work of the sieve which removes small trash and broken grains with small perforations is particularly important in seed separation and calibration. In a flat sieve, the bottom grid cannot be controlled in operation and the weight of the grain layer on the grid prevents the selection from being truly effective whether with brushes, balls or other systems. In a rotating sieve, the selection is made at the top of the cylinder where there is no more product and the grain falls practically alone
  • Flexibility of use - In a flat screen, the top grid can only remove large particles and the bottom grid can remove fine and small ones. On a rotating cleaner, each grid section can be used to remove both large and fine particles and as needed on an easily modified diagram. As for calibration, the number of screens determines the maximum number of degrees
  • Tilt and variable speed - On a flat sieve, increasing speed and tilt causes the grain to bounce and decreases accuracy. On a rotating sieve, varying the speed and inclination increases the fluidity of the product, improves precision and performances, allowing a great degree of control
  • Use for difficult products - The flexibility of the rotary screen allows it to be used for a wide range of separation or difficult sorting (e.g. very wet corn, cotton, etc...). The same machine can often be used from fine grading to high flow pre-cleaning


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