Rotary Pre-Cleaning

MAROT Model PN pre-cleaners are designed for simple and quick removal of large impurities from grains. It is essential to place a pre-cleaner before feeding a dryer for its proper operation, avoiding clogging and unnecessary energy expenditure.

The choice of sieve perforations is made according to the type of grain to be cleaned, the moisture level and the properties of the residues to be removed. The grain enters the rotating drum and passes through the sieve perforations, keeping the large impurities coming out at the end. The pre-cleaners PN 1002, 1253, 1503, 2004, 3003 and 4004 allow the small impurities to be removed in the first position of the sieve.

The large surface areas of the screens, whose perforations are continuously cleaned, allow flow rates of 35 to 400 t/h. Various forms of suction can be added, such as the MAROT pre-cleaners models A and BD.


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