Tarara for Cereals Cleaning - Rotating

The cleaners or traditionally known as MAROT grain cleaning tares Model EAC remove light impurities in addition to separating the good quality grains from the fragments and trash. These operations are performed by a double suction system followed by a rotating drum. The raw grain sample is levelled into a uniform layer through which air is drawn. The proportion of light impurities lifted by the air flow is adjusted by regulating the suction power. Heavier particles are drawn out of the air flow and deposited at the bottom of the suction chamber, where they are extracted by an auger. The lighter impurities are extracted by the fan.

In case only suction is required, the product can have a direct outlet. After aspiration, the product is introduced into the rotating drum, with interchangeable screens suitable for any specific product. The first sieve removes broken grains, sand, etc., and the following ones allow the final product to pass. Very large particles are retained at the end.

The enormous variety of sieve combinations provides great flexibility of use on any type of grain with a capacity from 5 to 400 t/h. When used as a sizer the final sample is released and small seeds pass through the sieves.



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