Combined Charging System

Combination telescopic loading systems are designed for efficient and dust-free loading of dry and dusty bulk solids into tanks and open vehicles or rail wagons

Advantages of the combined charging system

  • two charging sleeves combined into one
  • dust-free loading guaranteed by dust-proof skirt with automatic internal level switch by stepping on the skirt
  • lower cone for perfect sealing when opening the tank
  • three-cable hoisting system
  • unit comes fully or partly pre-assembled


Main technical characteristics

  • maximum flow rate: 100-200 m3/h (model based)
  • level switch: rotary / vibration / capacitance
  • Operating conditions: -40 / + 80 °C (other on request)
  • load control: single cones/ bellows, double cones/ bellows


  • electrical control box (plastic or stainless steel)
  • remote control
  • vibration unit to remove the rest of the product from the equipment
  • shut-off valves (manual, pneumatic or electric)
  • ATEX construction



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