Hazelnut Processing

1. Pre-cleaner

The pre-cleaner is a machine suitable for the rapid separation of the largest impurities (wood branches, leaves, etc.) before passing through the cleaners.

2. Cleaner

The machine is suitable to separate hazelnuts and nuts quickly and accurately from soil, stones, leaves, pieces of wood and empty shells.

Recommended for processing the product harvested with suction machines.

The hourly capacity is 400/600 Kg/hour suitable for small and medium producers.

It has a consumption of 2.2Kw/hour of 220 volts current.

3. Inspection mat

This sorting belt is intended for manual sorting.

It is used to separate the good nuts from the bad ones, as well as to separate the shells after breaking.

The table height and speed are adjustable for maximum working comfort.

4. Dryer

After being washed, the walnuts have to be dried before being stored. Thanks to their extraordinary capacity, in no more than 48 hours the nuts will have released most of the moisture they contain and will be ready to be sold.

Our dryer is necessarily adapted to your drying needs, as the capacity can easily be increased by adding modules.

With capacities of 3 m3 to 25 m3/each dryer.

5. Hazelnut Separator

Used to separate empty shells as well as to separate grains/fruit from shells. Can be used on nuts (dry or fresh), hazelnuts (dry or fresh) and chestnuts.

It should be placed after the adjustable vibratory feed and before a calibration unit.

Processes up to 1500 kg of nuts/hour.

6. Manual Peeler

This machine is suitable for shelling hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds for home use and small capacity.

7. Electric peeler

The electric peeling machine is suitable for small and medium product quantities, it has the possibility to adjust the product size by means of a threaded rod

Capacity: 25 to 30 kg/h

8. Separating peeler

The hazelnut shelling machine separates the shells from the hazelnuts by means of a rotating roller.

Capacity: 25 to 30 kg/h

9. Peeling separator calibrator

The hazelnut shelling machine separates the shells from the hazelnuts by means of a rotating roller.

Capacity: 45 to 70 kg/h



- Rotary gauge for whole hazelnuts

- Rotary gauge for shelled hazelnuts

- Bark separation fan

- Wheels for manual movement


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