Walnut Processing

1. Reception

Adjustable mobile loading hopper. Its capacity can be easily increased by adding side extensions.
With load capacities of 14 m3, 17.5 m3, 21 m3 and 24.5 m3 and a flow rate of 0.5 to 15 t/h.

2. Washing

Nuts need to be washed to remove branches, soil, leaves and loose shells. This machine is equipped with drawn steel bars which guarantees an efficient washing and a good performance. There are several models according to the desired capacity.

It should be noted that this machine can also be used for hazelnuts, etc ...

3. Stone Separation

Placed directly after a harvest or after a pre-washing (or cleaning) season, this nut flotation tank will easily separate nuts from stones in order to minimise the impact of possible dirt, stones, clods and mud, on the rest of the line. This multifunctional device is also used to separate nuts.

As the water level is constant, it will work in the same conditions from the beginning to the end of its working period.

4. Peeling washer

This washer is the fastest and most versatile.

It is used to remove the green shell from the nuts (husk) and wash them very quickly.

Equipped with a motorised inner drum rotating in the opposite direction to the outer drum, it can, thanks to the variation in speed and the nature of the coating, act with greater or lesser speed continuously.

Its robust structure and components allow intensive use.

Capacity is achieved by varying the filling rate and rotational speed.

Adaptation to different layouts: extension, continuous configuration of two machines

Efficiency in waste sorting: thanks to baffles and cross and recovery belt options

Speed: elimination of waste and spoiled nuts

Less manpower: grading requires less staff

5. Inspection mat

This sorting belt is intended for manual sorting.

It is used to separate the good nuts from the bad ones, as well as to separate the shells after breaking.

The table height and speed are adjustable for maximum working comfort.

6. Dryer

After being washed, the walnuts have to be dried before being stored. Thanks to their extraordinary capacity, in no more than 48 hours the nuts will have released most of the moisture they contain and will be ready to be sold.

Our dryer is necessarily adapted to your drying needs, as the capacity can easily be increased by adding modules.

With capacities of 3 m3 to 25 m3/each dryer.

7. Walnut Separator

Used to separate empty shells as well as to separate grains/fruit from shells. Can be used on nuts (dry or fresh), hazelnuts (dry or fresh) and chestnuts.

It should be placed after the adjustable vibratory feed and before a calibration unit.

Processes up to 1500 kg of nuts/hour.

8. Calibrator

Continuous rotary calibrator for separating 1, 2 or 3 gauges.

9. Peeler

Very robust, reliable and high performance, this nut sheller will deliver a high percentage of halves depending on the variety of nuts. Capacity up to 100kg/h.

10. Bark separator

This equipment allows to separate the nuts from the shells. It processes between 40 and 120 kg of nuts/hour.

11. Vibratory calibrator

The vibrating sizer separates all products by size difference.


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