Industrial chillers

Cold grain coolers represent the most natural way to preserve grain.

  • Reduces grain metabolism, therefore less weight loss due to grain respiration
  • Avoids weight and quality loss due to insects: when the temperature is low, insects do not reproduce
  • Allows for biological preservation, i.e. without chemical treatment
  • Prevent the development of fungi and their mycotoxins, which are toxic to humans and animals and a major financial loss
  • It avoids the breakage of the grains due to handling: in traditional ventilation it is necessary to remove the grains and each displacement implies at least a loss equal to 0.3% of the total quality
  • The result is a grain that is kept for a long time thanks to the insulating effect of the air inside the grain. For a grain with a humidity of 14.5%, a reduction in temperature from 24°C to 10°C results in a preservation five times better than usual.


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