Automatic Telescopic Probe

The Automatic Telescopic Probe is essential for all grain reception, drying and storage centres.

It allows the product to be tested at the entrance, taking a homogeneous sample and carrying out quick control operations on the samples without altering their characteristics.

The sample is taken by a mechanical system (worm) and transferred by compressed air to the laboratory.

It is possible to equip the system with a closed-circuit video camera to facilitate collection operations and sample point selection.


Composed by:

  • Base with arm support column and rotation and insertion group
  • Tubular structure in highly resistant stainless steel
  • Extended upper arm from 1.90 to 4.40 metres
  • Hydraulic drive mechanism of the probe with expansive movement, up, down and 180º rotating system
  • 2.00 metre auger extraction probe
  • Grain transport set in PVC tubing
  • Sampling hopper
  • Great power to introduce the product to be measured by exerting direct pressure on the probe
  • Antioxidant protection throughout and finished with acrylic paint
  • Fully electric drives

Automatic Telescopic Probe
Automatic Telescopic Probe
Automatic Telescopic Probe


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