Redler chain

Chain Redlers are ideal for horizontal and inclined transportation of grains, seeds and granules in general. The maximum permitted incline for any configuration is 45º. The traction head, piping and relay foot are manufactured from galvanised, painted or stainless steel sheet steel, depending on the product to be transported and the location to be installed. The Redler is a solid, silent and vibration-free piece of equipment that allows for significant lengths.

In a small volume it provides mass and regular transport with high flow rates of up to 500 t/h (density 0.75 t/m3) and low energy consumption. Its enormous functionality, efficiency and versatility mean it can be adapted to multiple applications, such as having a side entry (to be applied to discharge hoppers), double bottom, intermediate exits, discharge head and inclination up to 45º.

The choice of chain dimensions and transport speed is made according to the capacity required and the type of product to be transported. The construction is rigid, with a modular structure and safe in accordance with all safety standards.


Composed by:

  • Motor - gearbox
  • Direct drive on the shaft or via belts and pulleys with guard and shield
  • Tension system
  • Pipes with removable covers and portholes for easy maintenance
  • ISO chain made of C40 steel, strength 8000 kg
  • Toothed wheel
  • PEHD chain guides


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