Bowl Lifters

Bowl Elevator Conveyors are suitable for the vertical transport of grains, seeds, flours, powdered and granular products in general. The reception foot, forwarding pipes and discharge head are made of galvanised steel sheet, painted or stainless steel, depending on the product to be transported and the location to be installed.

The choice of dimensions, the type of bowl and belt and the transport speed are made according to the required capacity and the type of product to be transported. They have low energy consumption, a rigid construction with a modular structure, autonomous and safe in accordance with all safety standards.

It is functional, efficient, reliable and versatile equipment for multiple applications with a conveying capacity of up to 500 t/h (density 0.75 t/m3).


Composed by:

  • Motor - gearbox
  • Direct drive on the shaft or via belts and pulleys with guard and shield
  • Tension system
  • Pipes with removable elements and porthole
  • Oscillating non-return drum
  • ISO 340 fabric conveyor belt, 320daN/cm strength
  • Stamped sheet steel, polypropylene or stainless steel bowls


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