Tubular Senfins

The Tubular Feed Screeds are widely used in agriculture and industry for intensive operations in horizontal and inclined transport of grains, seeds, flour, powdered and granulated products in general.

They are constructed by modular tubular elements, made of galvanised steel sheet, painted or stainless steel, depending on the product to be transported and the place to be installed. The auger can be replaced after several years, maintaining its working capacity.

It is solid equipment that allows significant lengths with regular flow up to 100 t/h (density 0.75 t/m3). Its great functionality, efficiency and versatility mean that it can be adapted to multiple applications and has intermediate inlets and outlets. The auger dimensions and conveying speed are chosen according to the capacity required and the type of product to be conveyed.


Composed by:

  • Motor - gearbox
  • Direct drive on the shaft or via belts and pulleys with guard and shield
  • Tension system
  • Propeller with constant pitch equal to the diameter or other depending on the density
  • Intermediate propeller support brackets (guide bushes) every 3 m
  • Flow rate regulator


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