Industrial Conveyor Belts

Industrial Belt Conveyors are widely used in agriculture and industry for intensive operations in the horizontal and inclined transport of grains, seeds, flour, powdered and granulated products in general.

They are particularly suitable for environments where pollution between transported products must be minimal. The V-shaped rubber mat ensures smooth, linear and jerk-free transport, ideal for safeguarding the fragility of the product.

The belt conveyors are solid, silent and vibration-free equipment which allow significant lengths and high flows up to 300 t/h with very low energy consumption.The construction is rigid, with a safe structure, made of galvanised steel or painted according to all safety standards.


Composed by:

  • Motor - gearbox
  • Direct drive on the shaft or via belts and pulleys with guard and shield
  • Side V rollers positioned every 0.5 m
  • Side return rollers every 2 m
  • PVC or rubber mat
  • Fastening the carpet at both ends


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